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  1. Dear Rabbi,
    We are a reform/conservative family- the children are being raised conservative. We are very unhappy at our synagogue who is not allowing up us to do a simple havdallah for our dsxlexic daughter. We both a spiritually religious she reads and chants Hebrew and will be ready at 12 and change. My son has a Rosh Chodesh haf Torah and maftir Torah and has been left uninspired and is longer than any conservative schul we know he is in tears. We will finish with him. My son Isaac needs one for the Torah portion and discussion/inspiration.
    Aerin currently has a tutor.
    How do yo work with families.
    My names is robin Greif
    We are in purchase/Harrison
    Thank you.

    • jonathanlubliner

      Dear Robin,

      I haven’t checked my blog comments for awhile, so I apologize for the delay. It would seem that most people who read my blog posts do so without leaving comment . . . I am sorry that you are having a negative experience as your children prepare for their b’nei mitzvah. Of course, I cannot comment on your congregation’s policies since I am not familiar with them or the larger picture of the shul’s mission and how that plays itself out (or not) within the lives of individual families. I would urge you to make an appointment for a heart-to-heart discussion with your rabbi if you haven’t done so already. Perhaps he or she could better explain the synagogue’s perspective in the way that makes more sense; by the same token, perhaps the synagogue has not sufficiently thought out the unique challenges your family faces and, if they did, might be able to find some flexibility. In any event, it is clear that you are unhappy with the current situation — if I were your rabbi I know that I’d want you to make an appointment and talk me to openly, honestly and from the heart. I pray that regardless of what transpires these milestone events in your children’s lives will not only be a simcha in their own right, but serve as stepping stones to greater involvement in Jewish life. B’shalom u’Vrakha, With Wishes of Peace and Blessing, Rabbi Jonathan Lubliner

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